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Samara Gallegos 

I am from a small desert town in Sonora, Mexico near to U.S border. A place  where we have the best Mexican food, families are very close and desert climate makes the summer time seem eternal. 

Living close to an English-speaking country triggered my curiosity to learn a second language and thus as a young adult, I decided to immerse myself in the language, culture, and diverse history. 

I know from experience that learning another language can be intimidating and take a lot of effort. Mastering another language and learning about another culture was one of the best decisions I made, and the benefits are endless. 

Contact me for more information about tutoring, translating, or other Spanish-English language services you require. I'd be happy to discuss anyway I can be helpful.



I graduated from Universidad del Valle de Mexico, with a BA in Communications in 2012, and began my professional career in Mexico where I worked in Television and Government, developing marketing and social media initiatives to enhance customer experience.


About almost a decade, I began my journey as an educator in Au Pair programs around the world.  My experience in professional-grade communications and childcare have produced the ability to develop an effective curriculum and methodology for young minds.

I believe my love for different culture and language is very helpful with finding ways to creatively engage my customers and students. 

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