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Sound-based Literacy Fundamentals program

There are a number of different methods and techniques available to teach and learn different languages, and after almost a decade of hands-on interactive experience teaching and working with children learning a second language, I have developed my own unique sound-based literacy method.

We begin with vowel and consonant sounds to create a natural understanding of the Spanish language for beginners to begin building their vocabulary. Progressive learning modules contain supportive, hands-on, and interactive activities that are very engaging with children, and are student-paced to effectively improve Spanish skills. Upon completion of each module, students can set new learning goals, track their proficiency, and find new additional activities / modules to improve their oral and conversational Spanish skills.


Private lessons are conducted online using browser-based learning modules and video conferencing to maximize engagement and stimulation while also providing flexibility for both student and parents.


Group lessons have been organized into a variety of topics relating to basic vocabulary, common interactions, useful phrases, and different aspects of Mexican and American culture. Providing a place for students to interact with each other is a powerful way to enhance conversational and social skills while developing a working knowledge of the Spanish language.

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